* Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.
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What Is The Cost Of Not Quitting Today

 Have you ever asked your self how much money am i spending on cigarettes per week ? Smoking does more than hurt your health it does a number on your wallet, as well. A pack of cigarettes now costs more than $18 on average.

  • An average smoker spending between $80 to $130 per week will save $6,200 per year. Total investment is $350, that’s a small price to pay for your health.
  • Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia killing 50 Australians daily, 350 each week, and around 19,000 every year.
  • Smoking causes 20% of all cancers, 21% of all heart disease and costs $12.7 billion a year in health care, lost productivity and other costs (1998).
  • The decline in the adult smoking rate has stalled on around 25% of the population, with smoking rates of women showing the least decline and rates of smoking amongst indigenous Australians remaining well above the national average.
  • Smoking rates of children are rising after a decade of decline during the 1980s. The prevalence of smoking among minors in ‘the past week’, was 28% and 31% of 17 year old boys and girls respectively (1993).
  • A child who starts smoking aged 14 years, is 5 times more likely to die from lung cancer than someone who began smoking at 24, and 15 times more likely to die from lung cancer than someone who has never smoked (Doran, Girgis, Sanson-Fisher, 1998 Australian Journal of Public Health vol22 no3).

All your decisions about what, when and how much you SMOKE take place in your mind. Just like a computer you can re-program your mind so you can feel in control around food and happier in yourself. Addictions And Especially Cigarette Addictions are all to do with cravings created by our thoughts. We can change these thoughts through Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and NLP. Most of the issues are negative self-esteem issues created in the past events. Negative thinking triggers the flight or fight response releasing uncomfortable stress chemicals in the body, this creates a craving for relief from the perceived threat that may not be conscious, could be a want for approval, control or security. A want is a fear of lack. The flight to CIGARETTES is a response to relieve this craving.

Fear of failure can stop you from beginning. You may compare your results to others that you feel are much better then you.

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* Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.