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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Are you thinking about hypnosis for weight loss? Looking for a hypnotherapist in Melbourne?

So many of us are desperate to lose weight. In fact, 13% of Australia is currently on a diet. We’ve all read countless books and blog posts. We’ve watched inspirational videos, signed up to gyms, and tried every type of diet there is. But nothing seems to work.

What Barriers Prevent You From Losing Weight?

While you might know—in theory—how to lose weight, there could be something blocking your thoughts and knowledge from being translated into action. That’s because weight gain and weight loss are about much more than nutrition and exercise. Weight gain and loss are both tied to subconscious thoughts that cause us to fall off the wagon, to buy that block of chocolate, to skip that gym class and keep watching the kilos add up. As time goes by, and diet after diet fails to provide you with the results you seek, you feel like giving up. You end up feeling as though you’re going to have to deal with being overweight forever.

Dieting is not the way to lose weight. Weight gain stems from excess, from eating the whole cake instead of a slice. Diets are another form of excess, instead of teaching you to have a slice they teach you that the thing you love is something to be avoided at all costs. Avoidance is not the way to build healthy habits.

Your mind holds the key to weight loss, and hypnosis is the key to your mind.

Using Moderation and Finding the Motivation to Cope with Temptation

Extreme dieting may help you to lose weight, but it will never help you to keep it off. Achieving your ideal weight and maintain it is all about training your brain to make good food choices most of the time, instead of forcing yourself to make the right choices all of the time.

Forcing your mind into extreme spaces only increases temptation. If you say you can’t have any chocolate you’ll eat the whole block as soon as you get your hands on some. If you say you can eat a few pieces every now and then you won’t feel the need to gorge.

Hypnosis can help to find this headspace of moderation and good choices.

How Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Help You

Sam Javed has developed a weight-loss system that uses hypnotic techniques and language to re-pattern the subconscious thoughts and attitudes that have made it so difficult for you to control what you eat and lose weight. The program addresses the root cause of your weight gain and your inability to lose the weight, instead of just dealing with superficial factors, such as diet and exercise.

The best part about using hypnosis to create weight loss is that it is a pleasant experience. You don’t have to limit yourself to an unsustainable amount of food. All you need to do is visit the clinic and sit back and relax while Sam identifies and treats the subconscious causes of your food addictions and weight gain.

Sam has a 93% success rate, with patients losing weight within the first couple of weeks after their appointment. Dieting doesn’t work! Hypnosis does!

Hypnosis is a more effective form of weight loss because it treats the core problems for your weight gain. You know that diets don’t work because you’ve tried all of them and still ended up in the same place. Weight gain and weight loss isn’t about diet. It’s about the mind patterns that lie deep in your subconscious and force you to overeat time and time again. If you remove the sabotaging thoughts, you remove the temptation and you create the mind set to create healthy and sustained weight loss.

Imagine How You’ll Feel when You Reach Your Ideal Weight

Losing weight is about so much more than creating an aesthetic change. It’s about restoring your confidence and self-esteem. It allows you to wear a whole new set of clothes and buy things that you’ve always wanted but never had the confidence to wear.

It’s also an incredible gift for your future self because you’ll avoid weight-related issues later in life and you’ll even be able to add extra years to your life. You’ll have more energy so you’ll get more enjoyment out of life and you’ll be able to fit a whole lot more into your day.

With Sam Javad’s hypnosis for weight loss program, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be. You don’t have to hide from mirrors or beg people not to take photos. Stop the scepticism and stop dieting. The person you want to be is within reach, you just need to rid your subconscious of all those thoughts that are holding you back.

How Weight Loss Hypnosis Works

Our five session program is the most effective way for you to improve your weight loss success:

Session 1: Your First Personal (clinical) Session: The Secrets Of Naturally Thin People

We start off by getting absolutely clear on your weight goals, reasons and wishes. We then eliminate any emotional reason for your weight issue. You will learn how to be in control around food and feeling good about NOT dieting. What to do when feeling hungry physically and emotionally. Getting in touch with the triggers of hunger and being full. Eating what you want not what you think you want. Eating consciously and when to stop.

Session 2: Your Second Personal Session-Reprogramming Your Mind To Slim Your Body

Next, we focus on switching on that “auto” part of your mind that knows how to automatically select healthy foods which are appropriate for your body and ignore those which are harmful. You will learn how to trust your unconscious mind to automatically make the right decisions by teaching it how to do so in a conscious and deliberate manner.

Session 3: Your Third Personal Session-An Active Lifestyle To Supercharge Your Metabolism

The word exercise scares most people away because it conjures images of personal training sessions and hard work, so that becomes a barrier to an active lifestyle. You will overcome any barriers, limitations or beliefs in this session that stop you from living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. A fitter, leaner and stronger body is possible if you overcome your challenges on an unconscious level.

Session 4: Your Fourth Personal Session-Your Beliefs Rule You

Remove old unhelpful and detrimental belief systems and replace them with new and useful ones that will run in the back of your mind day and night. All your decisions about what, when and how much you eat take place in your mind. Just like a computer you can re-programmed your mind so you can feel in control around food and happier in yourself. Hypnotherapy can re-patterns your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and your food to help you easily get control of how much you eat and lose weight You can even tell us what beliefs you would like to have as part of who you are!

Session 5: Your Fifth Personal Session-Motivation Sometimes There Just Isn’t Any

Your final step is a session dedicated to generating a powerful motivating force to make certain that you achieve your goals and beyond. This session integrates the first four sessions and focuses on any final barriers which you may be experiencing. You will also be taught Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss, which aims at easy implementation of the specified weight loss plans by putting once self in trance and enjoy the process, while getting healthy and slim

The weight-loss program runs over a 6-8 week period depending upon individual needs, First session can last up to 90 minutes. Individual sessions are $175 and there are no refunds due to change of mind

What to Expect from Hypnosis in Melbourne

  • Hypnotic Therapy from An Accredited Practitioner: Sam Javed as qualification from the only accredited hypnosis school in Melbourne, the Academy of Hypnotic Science. The Academy is a Registered Training Organisation, Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) accredited. You can rest easy in knowing that you’re in good hands with Sam Javed.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Leading to Lifelong Change: Sam doesn’t treat singular issues, he finds the root causes of many issues so you end up with a comprehensive treatment that will allow you find life-long change and improvements in your social, work and family life.
  • More Than Just Hypnotherapy: Sam is a hypnotherapist, a life coach and a counsellor. There is no judgement in his clinic. Just hypnotic therapy delivered through structured programs that are designed to improve your life. A session with Sam is an investment in your future.

How to Get Started with Weight Loss Hypnosis

With our weight loss hypnosis, you’re just five sessions away from unlocking your true potential for weight loss and body transformation. Be the best you can be by removing limitations and increasing your control and motivation.

Call Melbourne hypnotherapist, Sam Javed on 0404 301 036.

Client Testimonials

I Had Tried Every Diet Under the Sun,from Atkins to the Soup Diet      

I came to see Sam Javed three years ago when I was 17. I had always had problems with my weight as a child that affected my confidence and ability to make friends, but this time around I was at my heaviest as 130kgs aged 17. My mum had been reading about Hypnotherapy in a Women’s Weekly and told me how many Hollywood stars have been successful with using hypnosis. So, I said to myself,‘Why not? Worst comes to worst, I will lose a couple of hours. At least some one would listen to how I feel’. I had tried every diet under the sun from Atkins to the soup diet, nothing worked and I seemed to be getting bigger with all those fad diets. So I decided to go, and after I was put “under” hypnosis I went straight home and listened to my CD.I got up the very next morning and started my healthy diet, keeping it up and losing (45 Kgs) which I have kept off 3 years later. I am now at a healthy 85Kgs. When I see my weight creeping up and I catch myself on, then I would go and listen to my CD. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have lost this weight or kept it off had I not came to Sam Javed. Thank You Sam.

Allana, Brighton

From the First Day My Attitude Towards Food Changed 

I had been struggling to lose weight since retirement and feeling the worsening effects on my joints and general health I decided to visit Sam Javed. From the first day my attitude towards food changed and I steadily lost weight and felt the health benefits on my body. My joints no longer ache and my weight has dropped by 1 kilo a week with a total loss of 10 kilos in 10 weeks. I would highly recommend a visit to Sam if you would like to change your attitude to food and fell fitter and healthier even in an old age.

Marjorie, Altona North

Have Had No Cravings & It Doesn’t Take Nearly As Much Food To Fill Me Up  

Just a note to say thank you. After having my Hypnotherapy session for permanent weight loss late September. I can sincerely say that I found it to be of great help. After the session, I woke up the next day and have had no cravings & it doesn’t take nearly as much food to fill me up. I have felt inspired and confident throughout and have now lost (17.05 kilos) in under 6 months. I think the main benefit of my Hypnotherapy has been that I felt positive about my ability to lose weight and keeping it off. The determination has enabled me to be “disciplined” and I have even been able to keep up my busy social life even eating out at least 3 times a week. My friends and family have been impressed and also inspired to look at their own weight issues and I am pleased that my brother has decided to tackle his weight problems and followed my advice to come and see you also.

Katrina, Prahran

I am Able To Walk Right Past Those Items At Work That Always Binged On & Not Even Want Them

Well, I was sceptical about Hypnosis to lose weight and if it would really work for me. When Sam Javed is here the number of clients who come to see him is incredible, and their reactions and comments after their sessions at the Centre got me wondering mmmm…. maybe there is something in it I try to eat healthily and exercise regularly but you can say I am Greek and we love our food and portions… so talking to Sam and looking at his web site I thought I would try it and try it I did 2 weeks ago. I was hypnotised for the (FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE). I was aware of everything around me throughout, actually thought I was in dream state or the state that you are in just before you are about to drift into sleep. Now I’m able to walk right past those items at work that I always binged on and not even want them. But to make it even more effective to exercise regularly 3 – 4 times a week to help the metabolism and tone those muscles to make your body look good and feel great with the weight loss (Sam puts it into the session to do that without your conscious awareness so it becomes a habit not a chore) The first week I lost 2 Kgs and the second week I have lost a further 1.5 Kgs. I now think very differently about food and eat very little compared to before. I simply can’t believe this only took one session, I’m amazed. I would recommend anybody to try it. It has been so successful for me, I am a Physiotherapist and lots of my own clients are now using the How To Permanently Lose Weight Program in conjunction with their regular exercise regime at the centre, where I can monitor their ongoing progress.

Cindy, StKilda

I Was Very Cynical and Did Not Believe It Was Possible Till I Saw My Mother In Law  

My Mother in Law was with Sam Javed 2 1/2 years ago to stop smoking using Hypnosis which was successful and came back two months ago for the weight control session I was very cynical and did not believe it was possible this time till I saw my mother in law two weeks ago. To date she has lost 11 lbs (5 kilos). That’s why I am here today for the same!

Pamela, Port Melbourne

I Wanted to Look Perfect in My Wedding Dress   

I came in to see you over a year ago to try and lose weight with Hypnotherapy, something I  had been trying to do for a while. I wanted to make the extra push  as I was getting married in October and wanted to look perfect in that wedding dress. Thank you for your help I was able to lose nearly (12 kilos) and haven’t looked back since. The whole process was amazingly simple and I just wished I had come to see you sooner. I hope you are well. Thanks

Devi, Footscray

I Was Addicted to Red Bull & Chocolate I Haven’t Had Any Cravings for Sugar Fix Since I Left Your Office   

I came to see you 8 weeks ago and to date I have lost 19 pounds (8.61 kilos). It’s absolutely brilliant. I was addicted to Red Bull and chocolate I haven’t had any cravings for sugar fix since I left your office. I have stopped all that and just drink water instead. I Listen to your CD every night as you told me. I didn’t find it hard at all and I am not even snacking between meals, which is great. Needless to say, I am now a confirmed believer in the efficacy of Hypnotherapy. With gratitude.”

Tammy P, Greensborough

I’m Making The Right Food Choices Without Even Having To Think About It   

I received 6 hypnotherapy session from you commencing January last year as part of my new years resolution to have the body that others had. Not to mention I had spent my entire life dreaming of achieving this, not to mention that everyone in my family and extended family is obese so I blamed it on my genes. But deep inside me there was a voice that said I am a human just like everybody else and then the TV show biggest loser changed my perspective.  I consulted you as a last ditch- I mean no disrespect, but I didn’t believe that hypnotherapy could help me.

As I left your clinic after that session, I must confess that I felt no different from when I went in, and, although politeness prevented me saying so, I felt it had just been a huge con. I did, however want to be fair, and so I carried out your instructions. As time progressed, I found that somehow, I only wanted to eat sensible food and went for short walks once in the morning and once after dinner. I was delighted to feel slowly and steadily the body was shedding kilos without feeling deprived in any way. Before I used to count calories and weight and measure my food; it all felt like such a chore. But now I don’t need to do that; it all just comes naturally and I find I’m making the right food choices without even having to think about it.

Kristy, New Town, Geelong

Visiting You Was One Of The More Intelligent Things I Have Ever Done

I came to see you a couple of years ago and joined your How To Permanently Lose Weight Program. Visiting you was one of the more intelligent things I have ever done, even though I did so at the time tongue in cheek. How wrong I was! I was morbidly obese and after my session I felt that my mind power has taken over my cravings and the following sessions compounded that will power. At that time, I told all my friends that I had been to see you and they were all negative about it – they just didn’t understand, and didn’t know anything about what you do. So, when I started to lose weight they soon changed their minds. I got down to my target weight of 100 KGS very easily and now play in my local Rugby team and I would swear by Hypnosis any day.

Trent, Clayton

* Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.