* Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.
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Become a Non Smoker


For 22 years, I kept saying to myself I wish I could stop myself from Smoking. Now Smoking is something other people do. I'm feeling a lot healthier and relaxed Barry, Retired, 61 Make an appointment before it’s too late.

How Does The Life Time Guarantee work?

We use ancient Hypnosis Techniques, combined with most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We are so confident that you will successfully become a non smoker for life that, we offer free follow-up sessions - unlimited. For the majority of people who are READY one sessions lasts a lifetime, and you are entitled to free reinforcement sessions until you feel completely smoke-free. So basically Your Program is Risk Free and we take care of you even if your results are not typical.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Non Smoker Today

The Benefits Of Becoming A Non Smoker Today

You have taken the steps to learn and prepare. You're doing the right thing. Now you're ready to enjoy all the benefits of being a non-smoker

What Happens When You Stop Smoking

What Happens When You Stop Smoking

There are more side effects when a smoker quits with cold turkey methods such as NRT Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Acupuncture or Nicotine patches. How ever with hypnosis.


What Is The Cost Of Not Quitting Today

What Is The Cost Of Not Quitting Today

Have you ever asked your self how much money am i spending on cigarettes per week ? Smoking does more than hurt your health it does a number on your wallet, as well.

Reasons Why My Practice Is Different

Reasons Why My Practice Is Different

You're probably wondering, who is Sam Javed and how could he help me be successful with any challenges that I'm facing? Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I Am Ready To Make A Change
How long does it take to book in?

Most people don’t have to wait any longer than one week to make an appointment with us. However, with cigarette tax prices rising and continued success, you may need to call sooner rather than later. We offer free follow-up sessions – unlimited for any issues that you need to address from Quitting Cigarettes. So whats your excuse now ? You are so close to attaining your goal the only thing that is stopping you is your self, so contact SAM on 0404301306 today to make an ever lasting change.


Clients Choose Us!

  • * I Was Very Cynical And Did Not Believe It Was Possible To Stop

    Hi Sam,

    Just felt that I had to let you know how grateful I am to you. I came to your offices 6 months ago smoking almost one and a half pack a day. I was very cynical and did not believe it was possible to stop, but here I am 6 months later and a very happy non smoker. I know that this would not have been achievable without your help ! Above all my grand children benefited from it by having a smoke free home.

    Many thanks.

    Anne-Marie from Flemington

  • * Money Well Spent Thank you Sam

    Approximately four years ago I decided I would like to stop smoking and I made an appointment with Sam Javed. At that time it cost $90 which was a lot of money for an unemployed single mum. A friend ( also a smoker ) accompanied me for the consultation for the kicks, but wouldn’t pay in her words the “quack fee” From that day I stopped smoking period.

    I have NEVER had the urge to smoke – in fact the cigarette smell makes me feel sick and I feel great knowing that I do not have to suffer any more. My friend still smokes to this day ! That “quack fee” would have been well spent !!

    Mindy from Narre Warren

  • * Food Tastes Good, Breath Smells Good, Clothes Smell Good, Pocket Is Fuller, Chest Is Clearer & I Can Breathe Fully Again

    I visited Sam Javed in St-Kilda to see if he could help me stop smoking – which I had done for 27 years previously. I had tried every thing under the sun from patches, nicotine gum , tablets, all sorts of aids and gadgets even the electric cigarette – NOTHING WORKED IN THE PAST.

    I walked in to see Sam with half a packet in the car glove box. I came out after ONE session a complete non smoker without an urge, craving or want to smoke a cigarette and have been the same for the last 4 healthy years. Food tastes good, breath smells good, clothes smell good, pocket is fuller, chest is clearer and I can breathe fully again.

    money well spent thank you Sam.

    Wesley from Kew

  • * It Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Done

    “I started smoking at the age of 14, smoking only when I could get a smoke of mates just to look cool. By the age of 18 I was smoking 20 a day and this progressed until at 24 I could not get by without smoking between 40 – 60 cigarettes a day. I had graduated into a chain smoker my friends used to call me the chimney. I had tried numerous times to stop but just couldn’t do it, the urge for a smoke was too great for me to resist. I came to Sam Javed and it was the best thing I have ever done and now I detest the smell of cigarette smoke. I can’t thank Sam enough for helping me and giving me and my family a healthier life that I had only dreamt of. Thank you so much Sam I am full of gratitude for your help”

    Patrick from Melton

* Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.